“The team, I play with are both fun and professional. I enjoy being their Captain!”
– Paul Lane

“Love golf because its always you against the course. Even when playing match play, its about whether you can execute the shot you need: up and down from the bunker or hole that 12 footer for a half. The course usually wins !”
– Dave Palmer

“Affectionately known as Bubba by my fellow AGS Cronies only. Having been playing this last 10 years or so I have to say that my association with this bunch of reprobates the last 4 years has been the best in terms of golfing experiences and improvement. As the song goes, WE ARE FAMILY. ???”
– Carl Bailey


I love the game

Trevor - Member since 2012

Golf is that eternal struggle between what your ego tells you to do, what common sense says you should do and what your ability allows you to do.

Junior - Member since 2016

I play golf to kick Dudley’s butt!!!

Tom - Member since 2015

Golf should be played in shorts, 365 days of the year!!

Paul L - Member since 2013

Introduced by my Dad to a game that I love because it constantly challenges, rewards and humbles me

David - Member since 2012

If I hit the fairway off the tee you’re in trouble

Omar - Member since 2014

I am by FAAAAR the best golf player in the AGS…

Ernie- Member since 2011

Singles 2015/2016 and Doubles 2014/2015 match play winner – Not bad for a part timer…

Stephen - Member since 2010


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