Committee Roles and Responsibilities      

(Constitution can be found here)

1. President/Captain

• Responsible for chairing all Committee and members meetings, including the AGM.
• Responsible for making the presentation of prizes at the end of each event and the end of year
• Responsible for, in conjunction with treasurer, for purchasing all events trophies prior to the
start of each season.
• Responsible for ensuring that event trophies and major competition trophies are available on
the day of the event.
• Responsible for ensuring that all major competition trophies engraving is up to date prior to
the end of year event.
• Responsible for, in conjunction with treasurer, purchasing all end of year trophies prior to
final event of the year.
• Responsible for choosing the longest drive and nearest the pin holes for each event.
• Responsible for establishing the groupings and/or pairings for each event
• Responsible, as a member of the committee, for upholding the constitution of the Alhaurin Golf
• Responsible for writing the Score Cards prior to each event.
• Responsible for setting the format of the “major” events
• Responsible for, in conjunction with treasurer, for convening the Social Committee.

2. Vice-Captain/Vice President

• Shall deputise for the Captain as necessary.
• Responsible for arranging with the Golf club, the NP and LD as directed by the Captain.
• Responsible for the collation of score cards at the end of each event.
• Responsible for supplying the Captain with a summary of results for each event.
• Shall support the Captain at the annual/end of year event.
• Responsible, as a member of the committee, for upholding the constitution of the Alhaurin Golf Society.

3. Secretary

• Responsible for booking all events within the budget set by the committee.
• Responsible for advising the treasurer on the final cost of each event.
• Authorised to commit those monies required as deposits for event bookings.
• Responsible for advising the GC of final numbers for each event.
• Responsible for recording the minutes of the AGM and all other society meetings
• Responsible, as a member of the committee, for upholding the constitution of the Alhaurin Golf Society.

4. Treasurer

• Responsible for setting, in conjunction with the committee, all budgets.
• Responsible for obtaining all quotations necessary for setting the Society budget.
• Responsible for authorising all expenditure.
• Responsible for administering the society accounts.
• Responsible for presenting the accounts to the AGM.
• Responsible for assisting the Society Auditor.
• Responsible, as a member of the committee, for upholding the constitution of the Alhaurin Golf Society.

5. Handicap secretary

• On behalf of the committee shall administer the Handicap system as agreed by the members at the AGM.
• Shall set a members initial handicap on joining based on either an official Club handicap or evidence of standard of play, where the member is not a member of a Golf Club.
• Shall adjust the member’s handicaps following each event (via the agreed handicap system) and provide a full list to the Web administrator for posting on the Society Website.
• Where the handicap administrator considers that a player’s Handicap does not reflect his current playing ability he can under “General Play” propose a manual adjustment of a player’s handicap to the committee.
• The handicap administrator should recommend handicap adjustments under general play under the following circumstances:

i. Exceptionally, where a player is trying to achieve a handicap higher than his ability justifies;
ii. Where a player returns poor scores in Society Competitions, but has been successful in Club competitions or evidence of consistent high scoring in friendly matches exists.
iii. A player whose standard is clearly improving and who has returned two or more scores well below his handicap in a short period of time,
iv. A player who, because of health or advancing age, is quite unable to play to his current handicap and does not compete in enough competitions for his handicap to be adjusted accordingly.
v. Responsible in the first instance for resolving any disputes regarding handicaps. Where a resolution to the dispute cannot be found the handicap secretary shall refer the matter to the Committee.

• Following each event the Handicap administrator shall review the players score cards and provide the Web administrator??? with all results and handicap information necessary to update the website.

6. The Web Administrator (non-elected official)

• Responsible for registering the society domain and arranging, in conjunction with the treasurer, facilities for the hosting of the website.
• Responsible for maintaining the society website (including updating event results, except in exceptional circumstances, within 24hrs of receiving relevant information from the handicap administrator.
• Responsible for recording entries into society competitions.

7. The Committee (non-elected official)

• Responsible for arbitrating disputes between members.
• Responsible for setting “Local Society Rules” of play.
• Responsible for setting the year’s itinerary and booking venues.
• Responsible for setting the yearly Budget.
• Responsible for committing Society funds.
• Responsible for managing and reporting Society finances.
• Responsible for appointing an auditor.
• Responsible for setting competition formats.
• Responsible for managing the competition registration system.
• Appointing the ‘Handicap Administrator’ and ‘Web Administrator’.
• Responsible for organising the end of year presentation.

Responsible for adjudicating on any proposal by the handicap administrator to adjust a members handicap under ‘General Play’
• When considering an adjustment under ‘General Play’ the committee shall consider all available information.

In particular:

o how frequently the player has returned scores in competitions to or near to their handicap
o How the player has performed in non-Society rounds, or Club competitions for Golf Club members.

o If a members Society and CONGU handicap differ significantly this may provide sufficient reason to conduct a handicap review.
o If any stroke play competition scores have been unduly affected by one or more particularly bad holes.

• The Committee are advised to deal more severely to Handicaps for those players which it knows their standard of play is improving rather than those who have returned some low scores but whose general playing ability is not improving.