Alhaurin Golf Society (UK) Est 2011


The society shall be called ALHUARIN GOLF SOCIETY (AGS).  Hereafter in this document referred to as “the Society”.


To promote and foster FUN, FRIENDLY AND FIERCE COMPETITION and sportsmanship through the game of golf as governed by the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews, by organising and participating in several golfing and social events each calendar year.


Membership and the Society’s operating year shall run from July 1st to June 30th.  All prospective members must be unanimously approved by the Committee and are only eligible to join the Society upon payment of the relevant subscription.  Members receive the following benefits:

  • Member rates for all events organised by the Society
  • Voting rights at the Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • The Right to be nominated for election to the Committee
  • A society and CONGU equivalent handicap (NB the committee will be the final decision makers in relation to ay handicap amendments)
  • Winter League and Summer Singles competitions will be for AGS members only.
  • Any other benefits that may be made available by the Committee from time to time

By joining the Society, each member agrees to provide their full name, home and email addresses and home and mobile telephone numbers for inclusion in the Society’s Register of Members and for web site purposes.  The register will be held and maintained by the Society Secretary.

The Committee has the right to use this information in whatever way they see fit for the purpose of this Society. This information will not be passed on to any third parties without the express consent of the member unless required to do so by law or in relation to a disciplinary matter.

Subscriptions and Fees

Annual subscriptions shall be paid in full by the 31st day of July each year. The subscription for the year shall be determined by the Committee each year. Any one that has not paid by the end of July each year, will be subject to a penalty fee for late payment. .  All event fees are payable at least seven days in advance. Failure to make payment in line with the above will result in loss of full membership rights and treated as a guest until rectified.


Guests are welcome and encouraged to attend society events.  Each guest must be nominated at least 14 days in advance by a member of the Society.  Members are solely responsible for the behaviour of their guests. 

Guests are not entitled to member discounts for any event.  A guest must attend THREE events in a calendar year before they will be considered for membership of the society. There is no automatic membership and the Committee will have the final decision on the membership of any potential member.

The Committee

The powers of the Committee include the direction, control and management of all the Society’s affairs and for those purposes may from time to time make such regulations as they may deem necessary or expedient. 

The Committee shall meet at such times as they deem requisite and may regulate their meetings accordingly, four members being a quorum. 

Minutes of the proceedings of every meeting of the Committee and of the attendance there after shall be recorded and approved by both the Society’s President and Secretary in the meeting at which they are read.  The Committee shall comprise the following officers:

  • President; Treasurer; Secretary; Handicap Secretary
  • Captain; Vice-Captain; Competition Secretary

The Committee must be comprised of at least four individuals and no individual may hold more than two posts on the Committee at any one time.  .  The Committee must exercise their powers jointly and in accordance with any decision based on a majority, with each post holding one vote. 

A member of the Committee will automatically and immediately vacate their office should they cease to be a member of the Society or fail to attend more than one Committee meeting per year without prior leave of absence.  Elections for the offices of President, Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and Handicap Secretary shall take place during the Society’s AGM and decided by majority of the vote. 

Nominees must be existing members of the Society and be forwarded to the Society’s Secretary at least 14 days prior to the AGM.  The previous year’s Vice-Captain will assume the office of Captain. Prior to the confirmation of captaincy, the committee will nominate and vote on the incoming Vice Captain who, upon unanimous approval of the newly elected Committee, will be duly appointed.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • The President is to promote the Society and its interests to maximise membership, income, prominence and enjoyment. 
  • The Secretary is responsible for all administrative functions of the Society including arranging meetings, taking minutes, publishing Society documentation and primary contact point for all correspondence. 
  • The Treasurer is responsible for the finances of the Society and for producing quarterly reports to the Committee and annual accounts to the members. 
  • The Handicap Secretary assigns and maintains handicaps for all AGS members and guests. 
  • The Captain is to promote golfing excellence and sportsmanship within the Society and is responsible for team selection and management in fixtures against other societies.
  • The Vice-Captain is to assist the Captain fulfil his duties.
  • The Competition Secretary is there to ensure that competitions are arranged and played on time and be the final arbiter for any rulings

Discipline and Disputes

Members or their guests shall not act in any way that may discredit or damage the reputation of the Society.  During all events, members and their guests shall respect and adhere to the Rules of Golf as defined by the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews, to all local course rules and regulations, including dress code and etiquette, and to the Society’s event rules as posted at the time. 

Any disputes or disagreements which are not relating to the Society’s affairs must be settled without the involvement of the Society.  Any disputes or disagreements which are relating to the Society’s affairs shall be resolved by majority decision of the Committee. 

The Committee’s decision is final and may not be appealed.  Disciplinary action may include, but is not limited to, stroke penalties, disqualification, fines and expulsion from the Society.

Resignation and Forfeiture of Membership

Any member wishing to resign their membership shall tender written notice to the Society Secretary and on acceptance by the Committee their membership shall cease accordingly. 

Any member giving such notice shall remain liable to pay any subscription or other sums due from them at the date of such notice.  Any member shall ipso facto cease to be a member if their annual subscription has not been paid by the aforementioned deadline. 

Any person ceasing by death, resignation or otherwise to be a member of the Society shall not, nor shall their representatives, have any claim upon or interest in the funds of the Society. There will be no refunds of monies paid, unless extenuating circumstances and agreed by the Committee


The Committee shall cause proper book of accounts to be kept and shall present a balance sheet and statement of income and expense made up to the preceding 31st day of July to the AGM each year.

Annual General Meetings

The AGM of the Society shall be held at such place as the Committee appoints at the earliest convenience each year.  All members and non-members are encouraged to attend, including at least four Committee members, shall be a quorum.  There shall be transacted at each AGM the following business:

  • Receiving the annual report of the Committee
  • Receiving and approving the accounts of the Society
  • Elections to the Committee
  • Review of handicaps
  • Any other motion which has been submitted to the Secretary and circulated to the members 7 days prior to the AGM

The Captain/Secretary will chair the meeting.  Any member who has not paid their membership subscription for the forthcoming year or is in arrears with any sums payable to the Society shall not be entitled to vote on any subject nor shall be eligible for election to the Committee.  The minutes of every AGM and of the attendance thereat shall be recorded and approved by both the Society’s President and Secretary in the meeting at which they are read.  The minutes of the AGM and approved accounts will be published to all the Society’s members.

Amendment to the Constitution

This constitution may be amended by resolution of the Society to that effect duly proposed and carried by majority decision of the Committee.  All members of the Society must be notified of proposals to amend the constitution and be given reasonable time and opportunity to respond and make representations to the Committee.


The Society may be dissolved at any time by a resolution passed by majority voting at an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) of the Society of which at least one month’s notice in writing. In the event of dissolution of the society, the funds, assets and properties of the Society shall be distributed as directed by the Committee following the E.G.M